Avalanche Dog Training-SAR Dog Series - K9 Sar Certification

Avalanche Dog Training-SAR Dog Series



December 6 & 13, 2010 (& 20th if necessary)


Starts Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM MST.

Course Length: 2-3 one and a half hour sessions meet weekly for two to three weeks. See the starting dates above for the first class dates. Classes will meet on Monday evenings, same time each week.

Workshop Location

E- training on-line in your own vicinity

Workshops Objectives

This class is for beginners and intermediates located in avalanche search areas who would like to learn about avalanche training. This sponsorship is directed toward SAR individual’s who volunteer in their communities.

This course shows how to use live subjects and articles to attain excellent alerts. We will troubleshoot all problems that arise during training. We will be showing lots of video for demonstration purposes.  It will help if you are able to upload videos to show your dog working. (You will receive plenty of help to do this.)

This class is for puppies 8 weeks or older or adult dogs up to 5.


Janet Wilts and Bonnie Whitman

Instructor Bio

Janet Wilts For the last 20 years, Janet Wilts has been employed by Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, as a Law  Enforcement Ranger and Climbing Ranger. She is now the Law Enforcement Specialist.  As a climbing ranger she was responsible for responding to the technical Rescue's, accidents and searches in Grand Teton National Park. She worked front country LE for the  South District and responded to law enforcement incidents.

Janet has worked in Search and Rescue for over 30 years. She started working technical rescue and searching in Yosemite National Park. Janet has trained 5 of her own search dogs and has been training search dogs for 20 years.

Janet has tested and certified more then 100 dogs, including HC K-9 members, Tri-state testing groups, other dog groups and Ski Patrol. She has conducted seminars in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, South Dakota, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and instructed the following topics: trailing, advanced cadaver/HRD, beginning SAR dog training, beginning cadaver, avalanche, water, rappelling with K-9's, K-9 drives, scent theory, wilderness search, search strategy and advanced wilderness

Bonnie Whitman has worked as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service for 30 years, working at Yellowstone NP since 1986. She has been working SAR dogs for 22 years, and is currently training her fourth GSD.  Her dogs partner with her at work for drug detection and SAR, and she is an active member of Gallatin County and Western Montana Search Dogs. She lives in West Yellowstone, MT, and has responded to over 15 backcountry avalanche incidents.  She has attended and taught a number of field based avalanche response courses for local MT SAR dog teams, and enjoys exchanging knowledge and experience with other



Materials Needed

Computer – video camera


10 sponsored slots – no cost to volunteer K9 SAR handler in a certified team.

Maximum Enrollment


Course Coordinator

Those who participate full in the class with required homework and test will receive Certification/credit


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Student information

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 Live—You will speak to the instructors in an online “classroom” with other students.

Certification/For Credit-You will participate fully in the class with required homework and tests. You will send in homework (may include video) to learn "hands on" with the instructors examining and providing individualized feedback, attention and assistance on course material.

Liaison Workshop Coordinator

Valerie Mokides

To register please email info@k9sarcert.org with name/all contact information and team information.

Since their are only 10 slots available we are initially starting with one member per team, but will fill all slots as the starting date approaches.

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